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Breakout 3

2:15 - 3:00 p.m.

Naomi Sosi
Adventurers - Basic Staff Training
Adventurer Club Ministry & Intro to Adventurer Organization
Hegelson (Herberger)
James Davis
Chat GPT & Writing
Board Room A
Tyrone Douglas
Involving children and youth in mission
Coborn (Herberger)
Steve Leddy
Church Planting
Swisshelm (Stockinger)
Jeff Scoggins
Church Structure & Governance
Shilplin (Stockinger)
Charles Brown
Conflict Resolution - Continuation
Marsh (Herberger)
Eric Mokua
Edelbrock (Opportunities)
Kelly Vogler
Dealing with Abuse
How to deal with abuse in the church (repeat)
Fandel (Herberger)
Gary Thurber
Thielman (Wilson)
Carlos Arellano
Friendship Evangelism
Mitchell (Stockinger)
Hernan Hironymus
Hispanic - Ancianos
Bell (Opportunities)
F. Amundaray
Hispanic - Escuela Sabatica
Clarke (Opportunities)
Marly Ariza
Hispanic - Ministerio Mujer
Weidner (Opportunities)
Brian Ford & Rob Garvin
Hispanic - Secretarias
Alexander (Opportunities)
Justin Lyons
How to set up a Bible school
Metzroth (Herberger)
Terri Saylee
Immigrant Outreach
Whitney (Stockinger)
Tyrone Douglas
Pathfinders - Basic Staff Training
Involving children and youth in mission
Coborn (Herberger)
Kelly Vogler
Pathfinders - Instructor
How to deal with abuse in the church
Fandel (Herberger)
Steve Case
Pathfinders - Leadership
Increase participation
Terry Haws A
Gayln Bowers
Pathfinders - Secretary/Treasurer
Board Room B
Andrew Thompson & Debra Coklas
Prison MInistries
Is God calling you to prison evangelism?
First American (Wilson)
Gayln Bowers
Board Room B
Steve Case
Youth Ministry
Terry Haws A
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