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Breakout 5

4:15 - 5:00 p.m.

Nelly Torori
Adventurers Basic Staff Training
Curriculum, Stars, Chips, and Awards
Helgeson (Herberger)
Darnisha Thomas
Vacation Bible School & Beyond
Metzroth (Herberger)
Steve Leddy
Church Planting
Swisshelm (Stockinger)
Charles Brown
Conflict Resolution Continued
Bell (Opportunities)
Carlos Arellano
Friendship Evangelism
Mitchell (Stockinger)
Eric Mokua
Greeter & Hospitality
Thielman (Wilson)
Emmanuel Hernandez
Hispanic - Diacon os/isas
Clarke (Opportunities)
Ben Sosa
Hispanic - Ministerio Varones
Edelbrock (Opportunities)
Marly Ariza
Hispanic - Musica y Adoracion
Weidner (Opportunities)
Jeff Scoggins
Homiletics & Preaching
Shilplin (Stockinger)
Terri Saylee
Immigrant Outreach
Whitney (Stockinger)
Ken Mayberry
Men's Ministry
Board Room B
Cheryl Saunders
Music Ministry
Board Room A
Adriana Lehman
Pathfinder Basic Staff
Basic Drill
Coborn (Herberger)
Marilyn Sabata
Pathfinder Instructor
Teaching Honors
Fandel (Herberger)
Steve Case
Pathfinder Leadership
Spiritual Growth
Terry Haws A
Bianca Madanat
Pathfinder Secretary/Treasurer
Child protection training with Adventist Risk Management
Marsh (Herberger)
Andrew Thompson & Debra Coklas
Prison Ministries
Effective Worship Services - Prison Evangelism
First American (Wilson)
Pavel Goia
Reclamation & Revitalization
Terry Haws C
Women's Ministry
Alexander (Opportunities)
Steve Case
Terry Haws A
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